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Commodity Association Account refers to an account type that allows the user(s) to engage with Grower / Producers and search commodity data in real-time, thus allowing the Commodity Association Account holder(s) to update industry constituents about the commodity in real time. 


This account type allows the user unprecedented access to real-time data about :

  • Average and Realtime Harvest date of particular varieties in various regions.
  • Average and Realtime meat yield of a variety. 
  • Average and Realtime harvest of a specific county of a state or the entire state. 
  • ACCURATE production data for each state / county / region in REALTIME. 

Just to name a few

When you collect the data, you can USE the data

Commodity association representatives now have access to data never before available. 

1. Imagine being able to report to your growers the following information on October 16th, 2017. And being able to deliver that report to your growers same-day.

American Pecan Council Update: 

The first pecans have started trading for the season and prices are holding firm with a slight uptick this morning. Pawnee are 3 days earlier than last years first sale of 00/00/0000 which puts the first sale right on schedule with last weeks predictions. Money Maker - MM have started to enter the cleaners but have not had any sales as of today. 

Demand is strong with a 2% increase from China, a 4.8% increase from Turkey, and a 2% increase from Canada, for an overall demand increase of 8.8% same time last year. The Chinese demand seems to have taken a turn toward Cape Fear(CF) with a $0.05 increase in bid price in the last 2 days. Cape Fear(CF) is now leading the Chinese market in price. However the demand from Canada, and Turkey along with China still have the desirable(DES) topping the list for most in demand pecan to date for the South East region. The Western Region is reporting earlier than expected harvesting activities for young Wichita-WICH, and are expected to have nuts ready for sale in 5-7 days. In middle to East Texas the activity is light with pawnee starting to trickle in but is expected to have the first sales in 14 days. 

New Market Development:

South Korea - we have added 13 new ACTIVE buyers since we started marketing efforts there 8 months ago  

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 12.25.54 PM.png

Federal Funding Compliance

Has your organization recently received federal funding and is now challeged with the following:

Market and Promote

  • Our trade platform is a huge help when it comes to marketing your commodity around the globe, by allowing your target audience to engage with your commodity in any language, currency, and unit of measure familiar to them. 

Gather and Publish Accurate industry data

  • Our platform gives you accurate industry data from all sides of the trade. For example, you may find that 63% of all of "variety A" were exported to asian markets between Oct 1 - Dec 5. 
  • By using our system you will have the option to go as in-depth with your searches as you chose. 
  • Users can set a prticular data query set to run and publish on a specific date by scheduling it in your dash board. 

Coordinate and Invest in Pecan Research

  • use your survey tool to quickly send out a survey to help you better understand what your industry needs to research.

Establish quality, grade, and size standards

  • your commodity your standards. 
  • when you use Global Commodities Exchange platform you will work one on one with our team to build the standards that you decide allowing your industry to use your standards to sell the commodity. 

Create packaging guidelines and standards

  • same as standards above

Engage with your Multi-cultural Customers

Marketing a commodity around the world can have its challenges, we understand your needs and we help you address many of those needs through our trading and reporting platform by:

  • Give your customers a place to buy, right now, in real time no matter their language, unit of measure, or currency of preference.  
  • Publish industry updates in multiple languages. 
  • Show buyers how to buy your product real time by using a demo account, or by signing them up right then.
  • When you onboard a new buyer, you do your best to balance between making sure the customer is treated well while not playing favorites to any of your industry suppliers. When using Global Commodities Exhange platform, this is as easy as showing the customer how to sign up with their own account in their own language. You can also use a demo account to show the customer how to purchase while also giving him or her resources about your commodity. 
  • Allow customers to enter their information in their language at trade shows, and have it automatically update your master list in real time, In your language.

Engage with your Growers 


  • voting with paper ballots is a thing of the past
  • get realtime feed back with grower surveys

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