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Buyer / Seller refers any individual or entity who buys and/or sells pecans. The advantages of this account type will allow the Buyer / Seller of a particular commodity to:

Pecan Buyer / Seller - Trading Screen

Buy with confidence

  • Know the market in realtime. 
  • Buy from producers around the globe, no matter the language preference
  • Search through millions of tons of pecans with a few simple clicks to find exactly what your looking for. 
  • Opens doors to more sellers in different countries. 

International Pecan Sales

Sell without boundaries

  • Buyer / Seller account allows the account holder to sell commodities to buyers around the globe.
  • Alert buyers that expressed interest in your type of commodity.
  • Know that your receiving the highest price for your product by allowing buyers to compete for your products.
  • Sell to buyers who don't speak your language or use your currency just as easy as selling to customers who do. 
  • Sell your commodity while you sleep - by setting a minimum acceptable price for your commodity, you can rest easy knowing that your commodity will not sell unless the minimum bid price is reached. 

pecan buyer dashboard

Grow your business, not your busywork. 

  • Buyer / Seller account allows you to keep all sales, purchase, and quality records in one place.
  • Allows for easily searching through records to identify items such as:
  • best time of year to purchase pawnee
  • average nut size of western schley
  • average production date of a particular variety
  • earliest shipping date for a particular variety 

The search filters can be configured however you choose, and you can even set targets to be notified when goals are reached. 

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